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The Pageant:

The Marion, Indiana, Easter Pageant is a nonprofit corporation founded for the sole purpose of a community to depict the Passion story in pageantry and music.

The Pageant is not intended to prove or disprove theological differences between us, but to affirm the reality of God and the risen Christ in our community.

The things portrayed in the pageantry have been carefully researched and studied. Things can be proved by scripture, geography, history and the influences of the arts.

It takes some hundreds of people each year to present the entire production of the Pageant. The part of the Christus is portrayed by an ordained minister.

The Pageant was begun in 1937. It was presented continuously, with the exception of the years of World War II, up until 2003 when it was suspended due to building deterioration.

The Marion Easter Pageant is different from anything else of its kind in the world in these ways:

  • No one is paid for the hours they give or the work they do for the Pageant.
  • No names are used in the program or is recognition given to any individual for the parts they play.
  • All faiths, races and creeds are included and are welcome.
  • There's no spoken word, the story of Holy Week is told in music, pantomime and pageantry.
  • It is financed by a love gifts of individuals, churches, businesses, organizations and industries.

Marion Easter Pageant:

Honoring the past;

Engaging the present;

Planning for the future.

Monday, March 21, 2016
Tuesday, March 22, 2016
7:00 PM
Marion, Indiana YMCA
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